Instagram White Hat Pages banned

Well this is the first time this is happening to me so I guessed reaching out here for ideas would be a great hmm… idea :smiley:
I got 2 accounts banned BUT the only thing is different here is that they’re 100% WHITE HAT NICHES!
Like… a jokes page and a photography page!

Did happen to you guys too?
Is there another path to take instead only ban appealing? since those are NOT Black Hat IG pages.
Thanks in advance,
Daniel :slight_smile:

Does not matter if they are a black hat or white hat niches, Instagram lately made tons of changes, they ban the account based on the activities you do on the account, using bad IP/Proxy, login to account from different devices at the same time … etc

Are you using MP to grow your accounts?

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I agree with Abdel, it’s not a matter of black or white hat it’s mostly the account action, proxies…etc of course when you don’t respect IG guidelines it will be bans, i don’t know of any other way to appeal for a banned account other that the usual path.


Yeah unfortunately, there’s no other way to appeal. Do you know why your pages got banned? I think there’s still a good chance of getting the accounts back if the ban reason isn’t impersonation or copyright. Just keep submitting the appeal form every day. Use a different email if IG starts ignoring you :slight_smile:

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I appealed one day 1.5 weeks ago but still didn’t get any response, they don’t give response will they did in the past?
If I will reply them many times on the same email they sent me 1.5 weeks ago - will it change something?

It used to be so easy to get back account 1 year ago lol :frowning: