Instagram Widget For Website

Hey MP Community,

Currently I have a VPS dedicated to monitoring ALL my Instagram accounts. I am using Chrome, and each tab contains the Instagram Accounts Profile. I can see the post increase, follow increase, and my recent posts.

Instead, I would like to create a simple website page that has a widgit which will display all my accounts on a single page.

I tried this using iFrame and it worked, however I new it was not a good solution.

I have seen that some websites contain a Widget which will display their feed and follower count. I cant seem to find any to meet my exact needs.

I need something like this picture My goal is to have a long as page listing all my accounts like shown.

##Any Advice or Tips?

Maybe this ?


Ah, thats pretty damn close if not perfect for what I need.

I need to find out if I can add multiple accounts or if it only allows one account.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I think it does. I cant remember. But ive used it before to add multiple accounts on 1 page. The demo on the page displays 3 accounts in different styles although you can make it look the same and add more to it.

Oh yeah it’s actually a WP plugin though i don’t know how restrictive it is without the pro version.

great plugin to have in your pocket if you are managing good accounts, yet it uses API , so with very minimal knowledge of coding you could make yourself something more handy

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Really, well that sounds easy enough. I want to streamline it as much as possible so it uses the lowest amount of resources, and only displays the username, followers, following, post count, pictures with the left and right arrows, and the ability to see the amount of likes and comments.

Do you know anywhere to get me started with something like that? I have very little knowledge with API, however I know a thing or two with html, and css.

I would suggest now wasting your time and pay 10$ to a php dev freelancer to get exactly what you need this guy has saved me alooot of time with some big tasks for facebook API

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Great advice! Thank you very much for providing a link to your recommended freelancer :smiley:

I will be contacting him and see what he can do.

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