Instagram will let everyone publish photos freely from the web!


Yep, it’s official, they are opening their gates wide for everyone to post from the web. No more doing tricks to do that, they’ll just let you do it :slight_smile:


I knew this day would come


I don’t know why they were ever really against it, advertising works / can work on any platform so driving people to use an “app” seems kind of unnecessary.

I wonder what kind of automation this will allow for now, if anything new…


i’m pretty sure IG will get a hell of a lot more spam … maybe they’ll limit the functionality somehow, we’ll see though


They might be opening it up just to get better tracking through their web platform instead of via API, considering they can embed some crazy scripting within the website code, like mouse tracking, etc.


I wonder if MP will change the way it posts now … :slight_smile:


I’d say you can get better tracking infos using the app. You don’t have any browser regulation there, just request some more access and you can track your users location, their contacts etc.

This whole opening means that IG now officially supports the mobile browser as an alternative to their app, so less restrictions/more functionality than a PC browser.

With this update I’d see it as almost required that the embedded browser gets custom User-Agent support. It was requested often but there was just no use to it, but now it’s a different story. There should be an option in MP to use the User-Agent of the device it’s emulating for the current account in the EB.


@Blacklistede you can easily change the EB user agent.


Inb4. I posted from the web, and i got banned !

// Oh it’s live for everyone ! Not a slow rollout but global rollout it seems.

To celebrate. Here’s a pic idk wth is


10/10 I would follow that account


Already following, that 10,322nd like was mine :joy:


You can now post your pics on Instagram without the app


Great news! Thanks to share it Renovatio!
Besides the obvious advantage I hope that 3rd party apps (including Mass Planner) also benefit from it.


@Renovatio yep, moved it here as it’s the same thing :wink: