Instagram will make suspicious accounts verify their identities

Under the new rules, these accounts will be asked to verify their identity by submitting a government ID. If they don’t, the company may down-rank their posts in Instagram’s feed or disable their account entirely.

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i dont think they will ever do this with instagram , Instagram is not Facebook, i think if they wanted to do this they had long time ago

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Source? :upside_down_face:

Sending in a photo of a government ID? In this political climate? People will fight this tooth and nail.

I tried to find more posts related to that, instead I found this:

It’s in german but you can translate it easily in google chrome. What I think is that when Trump gets re-elected in November things will go into another direction. Not the best one for Facebook I believe. He’s not the best friend of the big tech companies.

What should not be forgotten is that the format of Instagram differs a lot from Facebook. Not mainly from a timeline perspective but Facebook is designed - security and verification wise - as a personal account for your persona. If you want to post non-persona related things, you normally open a fan page.

So far on Instagram, there is no separation between Fan-pages and Persona-pages. How will they do a sincere verification if the “@CuteCats” account is owned by a 25-year-old Laura in France or by a 13-year-old Laura in Brazil? I did not read the TOS for some time, but I am not sure if that was a requirement so far (not that Instagram honors their TOS anyway).


I personally think that this is all related somehow with the coming elections, fake news, real news, confusing ones, just to make users are afraid and more controllable.

More than likely a publicity stunt. We’ll see what happens when the first thread pops up on the matter with someone being asked for this

I didn’t get it. Can you elaborate please?

@HenryCooper is saying accounts that do not represent someone’s identity or are not personal pages could have the new verification prompt uplifted using any ID, because they have no way of knowing who’s actually behind the account.

We don’t know for sure, but if it were implemented, then that would make a lot of sense, because most of Instagram is made up of huge meme, animal & motivational pages that don’t represent an identity or personal brand, and it would not make sense for Instagram to take them down.