Instagram's "followed by" profile section disappeared?

In my main account the profile info which indicated what people was following one particular profile just disappeared (pic attached, the underlined info)

In my other accounts that info is still there. It pisses me off because that simple line was so powerful in order to get more followers (some big accounts are following me).

Let me know what do you think about this, I think it’s a big issue for us actually.

It didnt go away nor would ig remove that, u probably looked at it wrong

It’s not showing on my main account, Image attached. I asked a friend and the same happens to him.

oh no, first we lost “SEE WHAT YOUR BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND is liking” section

and now this crying and shaking

---- what happens if you click on 6.8mil. you might see your people you follow/followers/friends first?

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If you click on 6.8mil you just see the last followers, LOL!!!
what a disaster, again

plz guys!

let me know if you still see than info with all your profiles!

I still got it. Checked on 3 accounts.

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I still have it too.

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how many do you see?

I don’t understand your question

I got the same issue if anyone knows how to fix it please help🥺

I think Instagram is testing new features on different accounts. I see different features in my different accounts at the same time - and it goes away after some days and something new comes instead of it.

I saw this too when you posted that

I am experiencing this issue right now, how do I fix this??? Has anyone found out how to fix this

Did you figure out how to fix this?

Have you found out how to fix this please???

lol there is no fix. IG will change it back whenever they feel like it if they ever feel like it.