Instagram's new feauture

Now guys this can get very interesting I believe.

You guys might wanna read this.

Blocking Accounts and Others in the Future

The feature is still in its testing process but would allow users to block an individual as well as any future accounts that they may create.

I can confirm that the feature is already released. I can already do this on several accounts.

That’s going to save a lot of people who get into petty arguments on Instagram!

Won’t affect us much. It probably blocks device IDs or static IPs

To early to know how this setup is done and what kind of detection will be used.
It could be gathering of several kinds of metadatas all at once. But there will as always be a workaround.

Basically, I don’t think it will make much difference and will not affect us. The worse problem is blocks from IG not from particular users. Many people will still not be aware of it or will not bother to use it so…

But I am afraid this can affect account creation somehow. Specially those creating accounts with real devices, if blocking Device ID is one of the parametres ofcourse. All future accounts created from that device ID are now automatically blocked reaching potential sources if they choose to block only one account created by that device.
Even if creation is done automatically, imagen what kind of wave changing Device ID can create…
Now I am not a software developer and therefor I can not speak with certainty. Don’t know if changing device ID is somehow mask towards IGs gateways.
But this can raise the costs of doing automation.
More time consuming = more money.
Maybe the need of additional proxies to create accounts if IPs are targeted too. That equals more money.
All hand in hand will affect the end user who has to cover the costs somehow.
But as I said… It’s too early to say. Only time wil show. But ofcourse there is always a workaround, but everything comes with a cost.

yeah, that feature might be bad news but as you all know sooner or later everything will be in rotation mode, so better to start that from now.

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Will only affects users that block you - I don’t think it will be a big issue, especially if you don’t get blocked and just stay “cool” to the users you approach

And there are so many users on the platforms… You can never DM the same user twice, if you play it smart :star:

Ofcourse you’ll be good if you don’t get blocked by users. But this was towards users who actually do block you. That block will affect future created accounts too, coming from same source.
As I mentioned anything is possible, there is almost a workaround for anything these days. But what matters is time and cost. But again no need to make a big deal out of it. We wait and see. Maybe this will have no affect what so ever. And if it does, we shall overcome this one too :grimacing:

I think it states if a user blocks u then u can not contact him with another account on same device ID/IP etc
I don’t think some one block u will lead to permanent ban
So in the end u won’t be able to reach particular person instead of a ban

Yeah. Indeed, if the strategy is to interact “again and again” with the same users, then it will affect a lot the marketer.

In my case (and many others I guess), interacting 2x with the same users is a sin, so I’d even be up for that new feature honestly. It might filter a bit more the worst low quality spam !

That’s what everyone said? No one ever spoke og banns. Or?

I guess with this feature implemented, we really don’t need to filter out as much :grimacing::joy:
They do almost the dirty job for us.

Now I hate thinking negative. I like to take the “battles”, when they appear. But it is always good to have a strategy as you mention yourself. Just in case. And it’s always nice to chat about possibilities, pros & cons.

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yeah, if you see it from this perspective we will benefit as well :grin:

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We need to be a bit positive minded :joy::muscle:

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If someone blocks you that doesn’t mean that you cannot make accounts with that device, you can make accounts but you can’t follow that same person again. If he/ she blocked you than the new account following that same person having same id of you account then that’s person accounts block your way of follow not the account block permanently the gateway is closed to reach that person Which I think after reading this

I don’t think it will effect us

I never recall saying that you can’t create further accounts with that device. In matter of fact, you kind of repeated my statement.

you will be able to create many accounts using the same device, but there are users that create different accounts just for the sake of following the same exactly users using 10-15 accounts for spamming reasons so I guess everyone will benefit from that

Ohh that’s nice finally i can block one time the sex PM Scams and never get again a pm from this Bot source. Amazing feature from Instagram.

And the best is my ex cant create new accounts to stalk and text me. :slight_smile:

I dont think so that it will not effect the grow strateticy. If someone dont have interest for your or client products and he block u an other account cant change the situation that this person will never be a customer. In the end its good for us because we dont lose API Cals to try again with a new account to text the same person that dont like the service. I think i it will bring better results.

In our country we get phone free to 4G data tariffs so in the end if i have to change faster the Phones i can make more money about selling the phones :slight_smile:

@Micky are u using the phones just for create new Accounts and to make the worm ups? Or do u use also the phones as proxy server?