Instant ban in Facebook pva aged account

I bought some aged accounts. I logged into 1 Facebook pva aged account without changing any settings. When I go to the profile page for the first time, I got a lock to send phone number and photo. My account got disabled. I always clear cookies.

How do I stop this?

I’d stop buying those accounts. They’re inactive for a long time, then they suddenly get active on new IP… They’re like meant to be banned.

Find a way to create your own or try to find seller who sells active ones with friends. Maybe those work for you.

Also, it’s nonsense buying PVA accounts, at some point, you’ll get phone verification and you won’t be able to verify the account anyway unless you have access to added phone number.

Get non PVA and use your own sims to verify them.


What sort of effect do you think it has using the same SIMs which have been used for unrelated IG accounts? I know it’s always been a thing to just use a SIM for each platform, and things like SMSPVA do that for all it’s worth, but out of curiosity do you think Facebook (being associated with IG) read into the SIM at all, or not really?

Facebook blocks/disables SIM numbers.

I got heaps of accounts which got a PV block and the numbers didn’t receive a code.

I started to remove the numbers as soon as the account got verified or unblocked and used these numbers for the next block since you always have the option to go back and add another number.

Facebook did not send a code to the number from a disabled account nor does it tells you that the number is or has been used for anoyher account.

So I wouldn’t save $1 on a new SIM for good or grown IG accounts.

It doesn’t matter. I spent more money on Proxies,accounts, VAs and SIM as I would have paid FB for ads in the last month. Actually since December last year.

Changed settings for each account, unique fotos, real ids but as soon as you ad them to your software and verify them you get hit by a block and most likeley your account gets suspended.

I lost a bit more than 800 accounts in the last 6 month and I don’t think it’s worth to spend any more time or money on Fb.

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Sorry to hear that for you. It seemed like things were going alright for you with Facebook for a bit there, but it’s definitely gotten more difficult.

Thanks mate, but that’s the game and you can not rely on only one income stream or traffic source. It was great for nearly three years, made a living of Fb alone but now it is like it is.

I hope you’re doing well with IG mate

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Facebook is so hard right now… I can’t create an account without a Face verification ^^