Instazood following unrelated spam accounts

Before I even begin—I know Instazood is not many people’s choice here, but I’ve already invested in several months of credits so please humour me :sweat_smile:

I’ve noticed accounts in my following list that make no sense: they have no relation to any of my target accounts and their following/follower figures are way outside my limits that should otherwise be skipped. The random accounts are often 10k+ accounts that I would say would engage in buying followers or similar shady marketing practices.

My question is: has anyone experienced bots (notably Instazood) splicing in follows to random accounts like this? I’m concerned they might be selling ‘real followers’ to other users and then sneaking the follows in amongst the targets of users paying for their automation service, hoping they won’t notice.

The only other authorised app that has my password is an iOS ‘Who Unfollowed Me’ type app, however not suspicious accounts are added to my followings when my bot is turned off.

I’ve reached out to Instazood support also.

maybe you followed private accounts, and late they accepted your follow request
so numbers changes later once they accept your request .

i dont think instazood will damage its brand like this

I was surprised too. They were all public though.

Amongst random accounts were the likes of:


All the kinds of accounts that would seek growth.

Instazood has the following to say:

It is random. When you make your settings strict, the bot do random activities to not let Instagram detect your account that you are using automation, it is smart and does this job for your account’s safety.

Not really sure how that adds up.

You could ask them to stop doing that with your account as it is unwanted and see their answer.

Even if they want your account to be ‘safe’, it was not in your follow parameters in the first place. I do not use Instazood but I believe that a good bot would apply the parameters that you set and not do random ones by itself. You could also ask them on what whose ‘random’ actions are based off.

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hum, that does not look super trusty as answer.

the theory of selling “real” followers to people, are more likely what I instantly thought

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Yes, particularly as Instazood do actually sell likes and follows in addition to the automation stuff.

@Taypher I’ve written back asking them to stop and will see what they say.

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I think this might be Instazood’s way of saying, “Yes, we do sell follows from our client network and we tell our clients’ it’s so their accounts stay safe.” lol - there is absolutely no reason why following person X or person Y would make a difference and be a reason to randomize activity outside of your desired parameters.

I used them for a little while when I first started and I didn’t notice this but I also wasn’t keeping a close eye. I relied more on client feedback at the time.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if companies like this just start to ignore the customer set targeting and use their own targets that they know convert super high (high follower conversion, but shitty long term engagement) just to keep customers growing at the same rate pre June 4th. Think about it. These companies just went through a period of down time from follow blocks. Their clients are already fed up. If they start growing clients slower than before then they are going to have even larger client drop off than they already have.

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@Chopblock I could get behind that thinking.

Surprisingly the random accounts it’s following were pretty spammy and didn’t offer follow backs, so, I feel like it’s happening solely for the purpose of ‘selling real followers’ than it is boosting my conversions.