Has anyone used Instazood for F/U? I used it for about a month and the “like” function on IG got suspended for a day. I was doing some liking myself except for the bot, so this could be the reason. So I deleted my account from Instazood I got a message from IG to verify logging to my account as it was done from a different place then usually. What should I do? Should I continue with them or change the provider?

Where do you get reliable Powerlikes from?

If in what IG writes is true, Instazood is one of the automated service instagram analyzed.
So maybe it does not work as well as before. I did not test it, I only remember it.

Thanks Jakim! It is indeed an automated service.

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One really weird thing. I knew about Instazood because it was advertised to me inside instagram through user stories. Has Instagram gone mad? Or they just do not check whatever people advertises?

everything gets advertised on insta and fb , everything! lol

So If i use a proxy and bot for instagram. Does that mean I can no longer use my i-phone since the IP address will differ