INSTGRAM DM PROBLEM getting action blocks faster

Hello, guys, I wanna your help The issue all started with the accounts getting action blocks faster than the regular rate, the account gets blocked from sending messages after 10-15 dm which isn’t normal they used to reach sending 30-50 dms before without getting any action blocks. That type of action block used to take from 1h to 24h maximum depending on the account.
Now the issue is getting blocked after 5-10 DMS only and for a one week period and when the block is over when sending just one dm it gets blocked for a week again and so on, which practically means not being able to use the account again as the block keeps renewing a week after a week.
We tried several things to overcome it but they all failed, we tried changing the opening messages to several ones and switching between them but that didn’t work. We tried story reactions before sending DMS that didn’t work too. We even tried using the account in chatting so it appears normal and active before starting using them at work but that didn’t work too, so don’t really know where the issue is

Do you include a website URL in your DM text? how many DMs do you send per hour?

i think ig made some changes , this is happening to me too , and all my accounts get account compromised ,after that even if i rest the account , is getting block after one or maybe two dms , block . doesn`t metter if i include a link or not . is just ig …

no i send simple dm without any link

after many blocks the account trust score start to drop so what happens to your account is normal, what I would suggest is a some days rest without those actions and try to get the account trust score up

Are you performing any other actions with those accounts? It’s always good to include a variety of different actions to improve an account’s trust score. Obviously, the account’s trust score has gone down and you need to work on it and improve it.

We do not suggest DMs as part of the warmup actions for an account. The ones that works best are doing follows/likes/comments on some posts. DMs have been very crucial for a lot of users after the changes made on messaging service in Europe.

Are you sending the same message over and over again? As @Jessi mentioned sending messages alone won’t be considered warming up your accounts. You also need to do moderate actions on other functions of the platform.