Intending to release a stats & analytics web panel, any feature request?


Currently in the midst of works of releasing a FREE with limitation stats tracker that will along the way add advance features. I do love to get any feedback or feature requests from you guys.

Currently scheduled to release in few days: (Alpha testing, invitation only)

  1. Stats analytics tracker (Daily Update)
  • Followers (Increase/Decreases)
  • Following (Increase/Decreases)
  • Total Post (Increase/Decreases)
  • Easy to use and very minimalist design which will not burn your eyes while using it.

Scheduled to be implemented by mid janurary: (Beta testing, released to public)

  1. Daily likes engagement to follower ratio (Sum of 9 recent post / 9 )
  2. Daily comments engagement to likes engagement ratio (Sum of 9 recent post / 9 )
  3. Gender Ratio of followers - Male/Female/Company/Unknown (With 70-80% accuracy works for non-business accounts.)
  4. Weekly average stats prediction changes for followers & followings.
  5. Scan and report back % and Number of fake/inactive followers. (With 70-80% accuracy - Paid service to remove/download list)
  6. Influencer Seach list (Plans to consistently update to bigger and bigger list as times goes by)
    \ Filters
  • Gender
  • Country
  • Niche
  • Website
  • Contact information (Email)

After January update:
I intend to include a report generator which users would be able to put their own logo and it’ll output a complete report. Which is useful for individuals who are managing client’s instagram account and to be able to show them the results by every end of the month.

I’m thinking of implementing things such as syntax generator which allows users to create caption using syntax spinner which reduces the time to create genuine looking captions. (NOT CONFIRMED)

What other features would you guys suggest for implementation ?


Can’t think of any features but it sounds good!


I’ve set it at a pretty priced competitive rate as well!

GUI are done and almost completed, beta should be somewhere approaching feb… maybe end of jan!

Here’s a sneak peak!


No feature requests at the moment but I’m interested in this once you launch. Please keep me updated.
Thank you


Hey @2xdswu you’re Instagrams Asshole over on BHW right? Your Instagram thread over there got me into this game, you changed my life dude. That was the first time I realized that client management was something I could make money with and you explained how it all works. Words do not suffice, but thanks a million and good luck with the project!


Hey, that sounds amazing and would love to get hands on if possible!

“Would be great to see the loyal followers - people who have liked all the 5/10 last posts or commented.” I don’t know how many people would like it but I personally like to know and return back the favor to followers who are regular.


Definitely, I will update this thread as time goes by and also include updates added to panel.

Didn’t expect someone to recognized me on here haha. Anyway you’re welcome and of course, actually my intend is to make this management service into a NORM just like SEO, hence the reason why I shared knowledge on BHW but seems like the mod wasn’t very approved of my thread and I got infraction on “Selling Services” when people PM me about it. I’m thinking if I wanna do a AMA here on MPsocial, since A LOT has been changed how I looked at things and ventured out managing clients.

Might be able to help quite a few people here, but not sure on the rules of MPSocial so Imma wait til someone tells me it’s ok to do so. But I’m glad that it helped you out and able to give a sort of passive income!

I definitely can implement something like this in the PRO feature, but however It’ll only track real-time loyal followers. Meaning it’ll have a scoreboard system for example like to have +1 score and comment to have +2 score, this would requires lots of processing which is why it’ll be in the PRO feature.

It’s not that hard, I’ll add it to my “To-Do List Updates” for sure since I can see many people liking this. And probably to show something like “Top Post” post that does the best in the whole profile during 3 months / 6 months / 1 year period. So this way people can always have the most up-to-date data.


Create a telegram bot doing all that stuff
Showing excel format statistics
There was one, but stopped working much time ago
See screen and hope it will be free (for me :laughing:)


Although I can’t really read it but I’m assuming it’s tracking these following “Post, followers & followings” that is in a table format, if you look at the above screenshot you’ll see it does show and track in a table format and YES it’ll be free for users and paid feature will be including much more than that such as longer period of tracking, engagement ratio to followers & comments ratio to engagements average and gender(Male, female, business OR unknown/unprofiled) ratio of followers.


The idea is to transfer it to telegram
We have shit lots of websites providing statistics
But how much statistics we have in TG?
I think there’s nothing in TG
actually it’s very convenient to tap choose the name on IG from ones recently used and open that excel file generated by bot to watch the necessary numbers

By the way, Telegram is very popular now. A lot of channels about Instagram
Will be easy to promote good service there
Hope, u’ll understand


I’m not too sure what you’re saying but I’m assuming you want an export feature in which you can upload into telegram OR you’re request some sort of way people can receive daily statistics on their OWN accounts via using telegram BOTS created by us ?

Could you elaborate more, I might look into how this will help and how I can improve this better if I were to add this to my to-do list.


I open Telegram
Enter your bot
Choose my or any Instagram username
Bot sends me excel file with statistics (total numbers, daily growth etc)
That’s all

You can also add a compare tool
So, I can choose 2-3-10 accounts to compare daily growth
If I was interested, I would do it myself :wink:


Ok, I’ll think about it and maybe able to add some graphical charts and etc into the excel.

I would need time and this won’t be in my top piority list, but I’ll add it to my to-do list for sure :slight_smile:

Thank you.


that looks promising. Would like to test it


That would be awesome as many of us even do f/uf and would help identify this before the actions!


Thank you. Great!

I’m also intending to do a #hashtag research tool for FREE for all users as well after beta is launched. I’m thinking how I wanna go about it to prevent people from spamming and overloading for just one person’s use.

Maybe I can add a keyword search per hour per account for free users.


Yes man, welcome, an AMA would be cool! things have definitely changed in the past year+ and would be interested to hear your thoughts and what you are up to now.

As far as the rules of MPSocial go, I’m no mod but can tell you that this forum is quite strict on keeping anything with the faintest wiff of commercial/promotional intent in the Marketplace section. You may have noticed that by now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So affiliate links are out, even when embedded in useful information such as a guide, as is soliciting for clients for any paid services outside of the Marketplace. If you stick to that, and err on the side of caution you’ll be good. You can hit up @Adnan about a marketplace thread if that interests you, not sure what the conditions are for that since I never listed something there.

This is a great forum for IG related everything so I’d say it’s worth it to play it cool and stick around :grin:


That’s awesome, I don’t see any marketplace thread yet. Probably due to me being only on level 1.


An alarm system of some sort is definitely necessary for what we do. Something like if client X gets less than X followers over X days it will set off an alarm. Hope that helps!


What kind of alarm system you’re looking for, like a notification IN the stats and analytics itself or via by email.

I could see via by email a little too much.