Interest in SEO Section


I’m guessing many of us use our social properties to compliment our SEO / blogging efforts. Would be nice to have a dedicated section for SEO.


I’m not really sure about this as there’s plenty of forums already that’s the main focus is SEO but very little forum that supports social media marketing. Would like to hear other’s thoughts though


I’ll have to agree with @euhero, every SEO topic has been discussed numerous times on multiple forums, no need to duplicate that, the social marketing thing is another thing though :slight_smile:


Only if we go all-in on BHW replacement mode :kissing_heart:


Well, that’s kind of what I was hinting at.


We can only become a replacement if every topic, pages 1-3 is a failed telegram engagement group for popular niches only accepting accounts over 300k.


Perhaps that was a better way of putting it. SEO may have been too “broad”.

I guess what I’m getting at, it would be nice for those of us who aren’t using MP to run CPA offers, or what have you, to have a place to discuss the overall use of social media in making money. I’ve got 5 blogs running adsense at the moment, 5 more running other ad networks. I use every social media platform to drive traffic to them. So, should I have a question or a suggestion, it really would never be applicable to the “Instagram” section, or “Twitter” section.

That’s what I was getting at. Call it what you like.


Can I get a review copy?


Maybe “Getting/Driving traffic” could be a category for itself…


got it, I will think about a new section then, what you say is true, not SEO, link building and all that crazyness, but other ways of using the social media traffic you mean :smiley:


10/10 I would follow this section.