Interesting article on the pitfalls of switching to IG Business. Thoughts?

Just wanted to share this article I saw earlier today on why switching to IG Business account may not be a good idea.


I think those are all fair and accurate points, that’s the downfall of Facebook’s nasty business tactics at play and it’s a shame.

If only they had a way to differentiate between business and personal without it looking like a sales tactic.


The bottom line is that FB exists to screw over both their users and the brands who advertise on their platform. One day we’ll all wake up and switch it off.

Until then, learn from history. There is currently a small window of opportunity to grow Instagram accounts. Grab it while you can. FB are Jews who like money. To get everyone’s money and attention, they pretend (for a few years) that everything is free and easy.

And then, after they’ve captured market share, they screw everyone over until there’s nothing left to squeeze out.

Except a small turd… which I’d willingly put in a box and send to them. :grinning:


It goes around a word that business page limits your reach thus engagement, it is almost impossible to test this claim, but from my experimentation it is the truth. Switching back to personal netted me 10-20% better engagement with what I call to be of a similar quality content with the previous posted under the business tag.


I heard many times on this forum that switching to Business was a bad idea and that the engagement was limited… never understood why. Now that I’m clearer on Facebook’s motives it makes perfect sense. Don’t give away what you can charge for. Switching back to personal… I don’t need the analytics that bad.

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The only concern for me is that they give you a safety net / lower ban rate if you’re a business account, like possibly giving you higher limitations because you’ve connected two accounts and may eventually “buy ads,” or that’s the hope. So they may let you get away with more - but this is completely speculation.

It would only make sense for legitimate use though, spamming CPA accounts is not a reason for a business account anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was naive thinking a Facebook Fanpage attached to my profile would be great. I thought why use a personal account.

I then said wow Facebook is great, they are allowing me to comment as my page on other peoples profiles to gain readership. I then realized all my posts (quality without links) where all ghosted. I waited days to try and get the first post on CNN, FOX, CBS etc. However, they made me feel like a winner for days making me think my comments were live until I switched profiles.

Haha! Same here, but now if you have a FB page you’re essentially hiding your content from everyone unless you’ve paid for reach, that’s where IG is probably heading with Business profiles too, eventually, once they get enough suckers on the hook.

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At one point I was even inquiring about paid reach. I was very curious about the Facebook “network effect”. I asked them if someone shares my sponsored post and people click it due to the organic share, does that count as a click. If it does not count than it could be worthwhile for a blog unlike Adwords where you will lose money.

They gave me incredibility vague answers and when I asked for a simple yes or no, they stopped responding. :scream:

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Sounds exactly like Facebook support :joy:

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Sorry…maybe a nwebie question but what does “ghosted” mean?

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Ghosted refers to the Facebook practice of screwing you over by making your comment, etc visible to you… but no one else.

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I switched an account to business (70k+ account) and it dropped the engagement from around 10% to 6/7% but after a week, the engagement went back to normal. Which was strange but I was happy I stuck with it. Point is, I haven’t really seen these negative effects from switching to business. I don’t intend to run ads on instagram but at least I have the option to test one day.

I know everyone likes to hate on facebook, most of the time for good reason, but you should judge for yourself if switching is the right move for you, I quite like it.

From what I understand, choosing a business account instead of a personal account drops your reach, as FB wants you to spend money on Insta ads to reach them instead. I would stick with a personal account unless I was forced to change.

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I switched my account from a business back to personal recently, and both likes and engagement have actually decreased… I’m wondering if there’s a time period where that changes or if my account is just doomed as fuck :tired_face:

Example: 300 follows, 15 follows back. I’d have to compare that to previous times, but it’s a shit ratio.

Thanks! I just switched my primary IG account back to personal…