Interesting fact about facebook friends

Was talking with a friend today ( he doesn’t do social media or anything related ) and while scrolling his facebook friends he pointed out that the friends from the page are actually people that interacted with your profile ( looked/liked, but most of the time looked ).

He also pointed out that he confirms this because once he was on a vacation and at a beach party he shared his profile with a group of people. He didn’t know the people and the people didn’t know each other, so they were no facebook friends, but they looked at his profile without adding him.

Is this posible, because if it is then its a great method of actually knowing if you target active people as the first reaction of someone is to look at a profile and srolling a bit before adding him as a friend.

What do you think guys ?

This is the official FB info:

People You May Know are people on Facebook that you might know. We show you people based on mutual friends, work and education information, networks you’re part of, contacts you’ve imported and many other factors.

And this is the creepy stuff:

Yes but as mentioned

And he was still seeing them in the find friends tab and they had no mutual friends or any related info to his, just the fact that they looked at his profile.

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I kind of believe this too after hot girls add me all the time.

Well, they were at the same party… maybe they tagged themselves there so FB assumed they know each other?

Not even that because they were no friends on facebook.

Facebook Radar can be an expelation but that is just for friends

I didn’t mean “tag each other”. They tagged themselves in location. Each one, separately.