Interesting fact I find about top post in hashtag

I recently try to boost my post by using each of my accounts to like each other. This successfully catapults my posts into top posts…Or so I thought but I soon realize that if I use point of view from my account that do not like each other, I do not find my posts in top post. This made me realize that hashtag feed to each of our accounts differently according to our activity or is it just Instagram put some penalty to my accounts for liking each other? What is your opinion guys?

That’s interesting indeed. I thought this was only for discovery or for the Search and Explore page.
You might also be ghostbanned?

Oh no, not you too!

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Personally I am sure it varies by account/interests. I have been testing a few accounts, and just searching for accounts for this so called shadow ban results in weird feeds to my account that I follow noone under.

I use this same account to scrape hashtags for all kinds of niches, and now my feed is even crazier. They tailor your feed according to your “interests”. This is what FB does so it makes sense that IG would do it. I have a client that hits top 9 daily, and can obliterate almost any hashtag he uses, however, if the hashtag doesn’t make sense then it appears in top 9 50% of the time.

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Calling @SkinnyGirl aka the “conspiracy theorist”.


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Maybe you are facing something that (the very advanced &helpful user) BrandonBerner has called as “lowered exposure”. You will find more about that topic here:

A very active and helpful, secret* member has also created a questionaire to find simalarities between the accounts that facing the above mentioned problem:

*= I am not authorized to tell you it is @wortime :wink:


@wortime From now on people are officially NOT allowed to change their profile pic :slight_smile: The whole morning I check the home page and I keep seeing your new pic and thinking “there is a new super active kid on the block, but unless is one of the “cool kids” I ain’t gonna even check”… just now I realize it is you lol

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@MojoJojo ow about me? Do I count as new active kid?

One of my accounts that have an extremely low engagement rate does indeed suffer “limited exposure” as it does not appear at all from the point of view of my other account. But the other account which is still pretty new and have around 100% engagement rate appear as top post in from point of view of one account yet it does not appear as top post from the point of view of another. It does not disappear though. I can still find it on most recent photos.

Therefore, I conclude top post appears different from one account to another account depending on our following, what post we view etc

I think so, too. I posted a pic under a not-popular :hash: hashtag (less than 1,800 posts so far on IG) and I could see my pic even after 2 weeks (!!!) under the Top 9 - but only with some accounts, not with all…

For me, it was the same. When wortime started the Shadowban MEGATHREAD, I didnt saw it was him (due to his new pic). I thought: “If wortime sees that new thread, he will write sth. like: 'There is no shadow-ban and we have already still enough of these threads.” Then I realized: “Oh, this thread was started by WORTIME, what the heck! In a way, funny.” :smiley:

And btw, it is even more confusing regarding @SwagWaffle, he is changing his pic every day… !?! Some days ago, he was Trump than Kim Dotcom (and I dont know which one is better :grin:). He already agreed that I will call him therefore from now on “The chameleon” :smirk:

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