Interesting numbers of Instagram

Hey! I was reading research papers about Instagram, and reading a lot of scientific papers and books, and managed to find out interesting statistics :slight_smile:

based on sample dataset

  • Men get about 24 less likes than woman.
  • Women share 10% more content
  • Adults get about 17 likes less than teens.
  • Being in relationship, person gets 7 likes less.
  • Adults have about 97 less followers than teens.
  • Men have 120 less followers than women.
  • Adding one more hashtag in the caption increases the number of likes by about 1%.
  • If there is no person in the post - gets about 11% fewer likes.
  • If the owner of the account is not included in the post - gets about 20% fewer likes.
  • The more people are in the post, the fewer likes it receives.
  • Selfies get 2% more likes.
  • Nudity gets 7% more likes.
  • Posts with child gets 5% more likes.
  • Smiling people get 2% more likes.
  • Dark posts get 3% fewer likes.
  • If a woman has a child in the post, there is no variation of likes. If a man has a child in the post, post gets 11% more likes.
  • If a man has a girlfriend, there is no variation of likes. If a woman has a boyfriend, post gets 6% fewer likes.

The last two ones are interesting tho :slight_smile:


Interesting. Thanks for research and sharing


Always good stuff, big up man.

Yes, just use a different account, When u’re on “hype”



Thank you mate! Useful stuff! :+1:

I will implement it in my next post. I will post a selfie of a smiling man with a child and his ex-girlfriend playing with some nude teenagers in the background. Looking forward for the 300% like increase! :grin::grin::grin:


Anxiously awaiting for your visit from the friendly neighborhood FBI :sweat_smile:


This is the moment when it even goes viral… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well as we all know liking a woman’s post on Instagram is equivalent to asking them out so we go for the low hanging fruit.

Fun fact: Following something @Alexnvo had brought up a few weeks back I took a food niche account as a test getting a 15% FBR and instead of having a picture of a pie as the profile image, slapped the closeup face of a 20 something girl in the profile photo. FBR jumped to 32% without doing anything else and has been solid since.


Awesome on my next post I’m going to include a backlit smiling single teen girl taking a selfie while is naked. Gotta add also a bunch of hastags… :joy: Let’s see how many likes I’ll get :sunglasses:

But seriously interesting research.

Maybe not naked…a cream coloured bodysuit would work though…or in a barely hanging towel

:joy: yes good idea

Seriously thinking of testing this on a fashion brand account, but I think it looks a bit weird if the picture is not the owner of the brand.

How to get them gurls, this one though :joy:

Brb gonna start scraping pics or pretty girls. It would be interesting to see just how much finding the perfect image/name combination could bring fbr up

Pretty interesting, do you remember the source?