Please watch. If all of you understand that, you can automate again your bots.

Dont hope for Jv update, it is not software problem.

Good luck all of you

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So how do you recluster an account that’s grouped in a bad cluster or get out of a bad cluster? AKA a real account that fell into a bad cluster.

Maybe if you dont do any activity for a long period you are out of the cluster.

And then start with a new pattern different from the past.

We still are safe if we can position our ig’s to do less activity and each with its own proxy, I have 10 Instas in my Jarvee and each does follow about 300 people per day and it is running fine.

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4g proxies?, what social settings?

What type of proxies you are using?

If your accounts are new and very well created with no hash detection, it will work fine !

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