Internal IG thermometer

Another thing added to my list that I want to make an excel spreadsheet for. There is so much data to be gathered


do you think that this is a global cycle or a per account thing? I think that new accounts start off hot but then get to cold or warm over time.

everything is global. however some accounts do very well.

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So It’s about to get HOT!?

Finding this thread interesting so going to pay more attention to the cycles.

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So my account was happily growing about +100 followers a day when I came across this post, red it, and all of the sudden it dropped to +36.

What sort of voodoo is this? This is COLD people


I bumped this thread for a update in July 2019.
This is a odd Insta feed. And it is feast/famine on and off. Let me explain.
When general IG is going good and it’s a hot feed, we get high ER( some suffer low ER like the plague – I got two accounts like that) and good follower growth be it organic or f/u. Whats odd is some of my accounts get hot feed posts and they rock and others suffer drops like 1 or 2 points in ER. THEN when those dropped ER accounts get hot – the others that were rocking fall just as fast. Almost a rolling type of ER I never seen and hard to guess where the damn feed is at. Some of us are doing good right now and others are doing crappy. Well gotta feeling those doing good will drop and those doing crappy will pick back up. Seasonally, this is a slow time – summer time for me has been always slow and picks up Sep with the best months late Sep to mid Dec.
The main culprit for this see saw I think are these damn updates by insta now almost daily. Go figure?
Just really odd darn it.


Are all your accounts in the same niche?

Yes. They all are

Rolling type of ER, that makes absolute sense. They affect negatively the ER by partially rolling it among users, to promote IG ads and not simultaneously, in order not to be noticed and seem random.

@Alexnvo are your accounts business or private?

Seems interesting…