Internal IG thermometer

When I view my accounts I see patterns. Days of gain/loss in followers and likes. I use a scale of temperatures with my friends.
HOT - Likes up, New followers a plenty.
Warm - Decent ER yet lack of growth or slow growth. ( end of Update cycle - shadowban lifted)
Cold - Loss of followers/ER down substantially. ( throttled/Update via Insta_
Freezing ( throttled, shadowbanned, out of ban or out of PV…

I use this because it gets predictable, Say its Cold/warm ( most common) often leads to HOT. When it is hot I worry not when it gets down again because they come - often lasting for 3 days,

Add to this if you want.


I feel like my personal account is permanently warm. Always gaining a few followers, ER stays about the same as I grow, around 10%. I average 3-4k likes on a 50k account. Occasionally it gets a little cold, I’ll lose a hundred followers and something will go wrong with my f/uf strat and I won’t have anything to offset that loss. I really don’t get hot. I posted a photo entering a brand ambassador contest that got 125+ comments and 10k likes but that was as hot as my account has really ever gotten.


it varies from account to account. I use it for feed for all my accounts. like right now, warm. ER medium, follows sucks. Yesterday it was cold, got warm today. Some account I have always cold. When i share in my DM group, they have one account only and let them know how the feed is. Most often they face the same too. Not used really for total forecasting - it could - but a way to just share info.

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Could be an interesting way to tell a client how things are going. Like a weekly forecast, so they’re in the loop. Would be unique.

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yes, I have to remind myself when hot, it gets warm after a few days — that way I can maintain my sanity too and not become a nervous wreck like I did in the past ’ the sky is falling’ crap.


That is interesting, I will test it. I feel like my engagement is being very difficult to sustain or grow. I did F/ FU for a time, but I stopped to focus mainly on engagement, and everything was going great, my engagement went up. But at one point it started decreasing, and I looked for banned hashtags or if I was shadowbanned, but nothing. I got no clue.

I am just using auto-likes. That´s it. So people that visit my account follow me if they actually like my content. My account is lifestyle/ fashion niche. As you say, maybe it is working for cycles and I am getting nervous just because of cold periods.

My account is +20k, before I was getting to 900-1000 likes per post and now maximum I get to 700, it is so weird. There are posts that have gotten just 300 likes, that never happened before.
Thanks for your input.

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IG has made some big changes in algo within the last week or so. I’ve heard about alot of phone verificationsystem and bans on a big scale. Thankfully, I haven’t experienced any of these… but according to some people, they’re going on a frenzy. I spoke to one guy who got phone verifications on all his accounts, and after verifying all of them, they minutes later all 150 were banned. This was approx 2 days ago.

Did your friend use real sims to PV or a virtual ones?

Tbh, I’m not sure… but it’s a good chance he used bulk virtual numbers.

Hey alex, I have the feeling that my account is hot right now. Does that mean that I should post more or less?

Define ‘not right ‘

Wrote ‘hot right now’. i agree with you that the n looks like an h though

Post one more than usual

I notice that loosely in the past week or so, when engagement is high, it doesn’t translate into growth; but when engagement tanked, often times I have decent growth. Anyone has theory to this?

Does it mean when it’s cold I shouldn’t post more than usual? Somehow I have the urgency of posting one more in the hope it might be turned around…

Welcome to instagram. High ER does not mean growth. If high er from own followers but not getting big numbers is two separate items.
I have a page I started last year, a baby page that ended with 156k in the first 9 months that had 7 million likes plus in 2018. By what is taught in all those ‘guru’ crap all over it should of grown really really big…but it’s daily growth was a average shitty 300 a day for the last 4 months of same year.

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It means what ever you do won’t make one tiny bit of difference. It’s already handicapped so posting more won’t help …just make sure you post. many say ‘stop’ activities and in my views hurts.

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Bump to just remember the feed is cycles
It’s been cold about a week

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Yeah, it’s been warm for some of my accounts and cold for a couple too in the last week.

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