[Introduction] Yung Buck

Hey I’m Yung Buck

I am currently doing CPA + IG
Growing Stat Accounts
Running Affiliate Offers

I am still new to this whole scene (One Month) I have not yet made any money online as I had no start up cash to invest but I know have enough, the past two weeks I have been taking action.

-Learned How to Creat a Landing Page
-How to connect to a VPS
-How to use mass planner (Still a noob but I know how things work now)
-How CPA works
-Now can control my self and concentrate on one thing rather being all over the place.

  • Understand that you don’t see success straight away and it can take a while but I just can’t give up
  • Understand to think long term rather than short term, to build assets rather than get quick cash (Online cash :))

My goals.

To have financial freedom
(Have more goals and more specific ones but to try and keep this not to long)


Hello @YungBuck

Welcome to MPsocial. Keep working and I’m sure you’ll see your first $$$ made online pretty soon.

Good luck

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Good luck with your GOALS, And WELCOME :slight_smile:

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Welcome @YungBuck , keep at it and you will succeed :wink:

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Thank you all for your kind words I was planning on making a Journey Thread but I am not sure if it will become a distraction … !

I doubt it can become a distraction, it will probably help to keep you focused and get help from other members along the way.

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True … I’m just not sure if it is too early I’m not making anything online yet … But I guess that’s what makes a Journey and it will be different from most the Journeys as at the moment people are already making money… I guess it will be more “Entertaining” and better to follow up on … !

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Welcome @YungBuck.

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