"Invalid Credentials" although everything is correct

Whenever I try to verify accounts I get the “invalid credentials” error on about 50% of them. After waiting a few days, I can verify some more. The credentials are actually correct. When I am browsing in the eb it says “please try again later”.

Anyone else experiencing similar things? It’s very weird because I’ve never had those problems before. Accounts are from the same supplier and always work fine.

its the proxy. i’ve had this issue and when i change proxies it works

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Same here and using residential proxies. The end game is near :slight_smile:

End game for what?

Use the embedded proxy, sometimes it is requesting some kind of authentication.

It happened to me also, but when I entered the embedded browser I could solve it. Let me know if it works pls.

it means IG doesn’t like the proxies you are using. if you run JV on PC, try logging in using Home IP and assign the proxy once the account has valid status.

yup, that’s what I did :slight_smile:

Doesn’t this flag the home IP?