Invalid Credentials - lost 40 instagram accounts

Am I wrong or right that invalid credentials is the same as “account disabled”

I lost 40 Instagram accounts today. All the “invalid credentials” initially have password reset , but when you try to change the password, the account stays “invalid credentials”

any save?

mean that the password is wrong
check and see if the acc exict

I think there was a banwave these last couple of days, you might want to check this thread as well.

one of my few accounts that i have been slowing warming for the past three weeks got a “Invalid Credentials”

i just checked the page, it’s missing too. so this is a ban, yes?

i phone vertified it about 2 weeks ago. it was warming very conservatively. no username change, no links, no postings. just a few likes daily…

when you have invalid credential it means the ig account had a pv and password reset almost the same time .when an accounts gets a pv i think ig moves it to a different database where you can not reset the can try searching for an account that has a phone validation request and you wont see it

It could be a massive ban wave or your account seller trying to recover them.

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check this out

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I dont have access =\ cliffs notes?

Try with mobile App. If you can’t change there, then they’re banned. Flushed out would be a better word to use.

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