INVALID CREDENTIALS on JV for 50% of accounts. Manually login fine

I used to have this before.
They said it fixed.
I still see tons of re-login , failed login and so.
I don’t want any login from JV automatically, but try changing all settings not leads to anything.

This usually occurs from Jarvee trying to log into the EB and messing up putting in the username and/or password. This happens a lot especially if you have a lot of EB windows open or a lower performing system.

This issue has always existed although usually not that rampant as what you’re showing.


I lately raised the EB open settings to 200 instead of 80.
The cpu used to be 30%.
I now sees it is always on 100% - that is what I also think, Jarvee can’t operate EB well so they think it is invalid cred.
I decreased the OPEN EB to 20, see if it stops.

I have 400 accounts on 4 PC it happen on all of them - I don’t see many here complains - so it might be configurations related.

BTW I don’t put real username on Jarvee username since I can’t afford unlimited re logins for clients ( I connect manually and set VALID) ! this limit must be put on the number of logins.!

Yes have the same problem.
I think it is cpu overload.
Try cut down the number of accounts per pc to below 70. Since I done that the problem was fixed for me

yeah let’s see I think the EB limit should make a diffrent
The thing is that even on 200 EB it was working fine and having 50% CPU.
I guess Instagram have changed something that cause Jarvee to enter an infinite loop so the CPU sky rock.
I have 36 cores PC still on 100% with 100 accounts, it used to be on 30%

I suggest contacting their support regarding this matter. I’ve seen that the same issue hit a couple of more people. Perhaps they will investigate it as an issue. Cheers.

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I did … nothing new so far