Investing into your mind


I don’t have much Instagram skills at the moment but I wanted to contribute something.

I’d HIGHLY recommend investing into your subconscious mind. Through the ages of birth till the age of 7, you “automatically” download whatever you see, feel, hear, speech and touch.

There might have a lot of days where you continuously hyped yourself up, telling yourself what you want and how you wanted to feel, however nothing permanent happened

You may also have seen your classmates perform better and always achieve high results; even though they didn’t study for it or invest there time into the subject. This is because subconsciously, they have picked up a habit that supports there action. (Getting high results)

There is a reason the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor, a good example is kids. No matter if they where spoilt, born rich or whatever similar, they would pick up habits that would help them achieve money.

I’m happy to hear other people’s thoughts and experiences.



Two weeks ago I almost had another bad time in my life and I decided to put in perspective the things I used to do on the management part of various activities and the things I don’t do at the moment and I came up with results from this trip back in the day:

I am a very good planner and a better manager of activities. Why I came to this conclusion?
Back in the 11th grade in highschool I organized the promo party for the 9 graders. I found the location and planned everything in detail for the party to be one of the best. I don’t know how good was it compared to previous or next years from that night, but the feedbacks were very good after the party was over.

Second time was in the 12 grade when we had a theatre play and we needed costumes and everything from tables to cups and clothes. I was again able to deliver very good results.

Coming back in 2019 after a two hours and something of being high and trying to meditate deep into the past I remembered how good I used to be at some stuff and decided to focus on being good again.

Now I’m two weeks away from moving from London to Alicante and I already have stuff sorted out in Spain. Everything came handy and easy after that night. Went out on social media (all platforms) and tried to reach as many people as possible and analyze every single detail.

YES, focusing and self developing really helps. I recommend to anyone reading this lines only one thing: TRUST YOUR SKILLS AND IMPROVE THEM!


I FULLY believe in the Law Of Attraction and love the book “The Secret.”


Agree, it’s good to see different things working for different people. Although, drugs is a very sensitive topic and doesn’t suit everyone as people have different tolerances.

You can still feel like this without it, but I am glad you got positive results from the experience.

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I haven’t heard of that book before, but I am starting to believe in the law of attraction a little more each day.

@On3 Google it. It’s pretty dope.

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Of course it can be done without them as well. I did it in the past. I’ll never encourage anyone to take drugs if they don’t feel like doing it and I’ll never recommend anyone to use drugs to achieve whatever state of mind.

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Thanks for the recommendation.

Great advice, I personally do not judge anyone experiencing life on there terms so it’s good to see you have a open mind about the subject. Yes, I wouldn’t encourage usage either. :blush:

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Very passionate about this topic.

Some good books on this:
Psychocybernetics (duh)
Breaking the habit of being yourself
The science of getting rich

It’s so freaking important to take care of your mind and your thoughts. Your subconscious and your beliefs basically determine what you are going to achieve in life and what you’re capable of doing. This is the secret most of the gurus won’t tell you, but this is the thing that all of them know by heart.

The problem is (as On3 said), after the age of 7 as it gets harder and harder to access the subconscious mind and change your deep rooted beliefs, most of them are hard wired deep inside — it’s not a matter of just “trusting yourself” or repeating “I’m confident, I can do this…” to yourself.

One of the ways you can access your subconscious and change extremely fast is meditation and hypnosis (self-hypnosis, hypnosis audio files, etc). Everyone who wants to take success and mindset seriously MUST look into those. Absolute game changer.

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This is a great response, really it explains pretty much everything. One thing I’d like to point out is no matter how many books, videos, gurus or whatever you do CONSCIOUSLY, it will not stick. You will forget the lessons and often give up. Even if you memorise it word for word or anything similar; it will not work. The reason is simply your subconscious mind does not support the action. A easier example is think of your subconscious mind like a computer. It loads simply what is downloaded to it. If you do things that does not support the “program” you simply will not get or memorise anything.

95% of our daily activity is from your subconscious mind. 5% is from your conscious mind.

It is so mind blowing, that it’s often not really believable with good reason. Generations of families repeating the same thing and all of a sudden you figure out the macro behind it, I wouldn’t be surprised of serious doubt at all.

There are ways of changing your subconscious mind and I will share it below.

  • PSYCH K: I have done this recently and it’s scary. Honestly, mind blowing there’s is no other way to describe it. Basically I’ve connected my left and right brain to work as one. It’s also main focus is to allow subconscious training to process much faster.

  • YOUTUBE.COM/HYPNODADDY: Best in the field, he is honestly a blessing, actually his way more then that and since discovering him I thank god that I found him. I have changed my life because of his subliminals. If anyone is interested I can post a tutorial on how to use it effectively.


IMHO you can achieve anything if you want it.
Thr truth is most people don’t want to be rich, they don’t really want to be healthy or achieve anything else.
It always comes down to how much are you willing to sacrifice for your goal.
You want to make billions-ok, can you sacrifice your friends, your family? Your health , your dignity? The list goes on and on.
Most of us are simply too afraid to get out of the comfort zone.

A simple example is getting cliets, I’m constantly seeing people complaining that its hard to get clients but they arent willing to pick up their phones and start dialing.
Look at every billionaire and you will see that each of them has sacrificed a lot and even they are uncomfortable at doing some things they still do it without a blink of an eye.

Do YOU really want IT? ( please do answer) :slight_smile:

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thank you for all those words. Will read them again.
extremely motivational ! At least for me.


Habits! Very important, keep you on track!

Pleasure, hope this helps.