Investing over 13k in buying Instagram Data lists (140 million Data) these are my lessons

Recently, I invested over 13k in acquiring lists from Instagram, some from people in Mpsocial, and some from Blackhatworld. Here’s what I learned: Before buying, make sure to ask for samples, including a loom video showing at least 30 files where the seller opens them one by one to ensure their legitimacy. Secondly, request a sample that is substantial, preferably over 100k, to test the data beforehand. If the seller is unwilling to provide such a sample, it’s likely a scam.

Thirdly, inquire whether it’s “5 million data” or actually “5 million emails,” as some sellers promise a large amount of data, but only a fraction of them are actual emails. For instance, I recently bought a list of 120 million data where I only received 85 million emails – still good, but the seller misled me.

I managed to obtain 140 million data from Instagram, and 110 million of those had emails. If I had known all this before, I wouldn’t have invested 13k, which could have prevented me from being scammed. I’m sharing my experience to raise awareness in this forum so that newcomers don’t make the same mistakes. I have another account on Mpsocial, but I’m using this one to spread awareness about these topics.

In conclusion, be careful, as many people overpromise and underdeliver.

thanks for the heads up. care to share where can i obtain this sort of data too? (millions of instagram, etc)

can you please pinpoint to where to find these sellers?
how much are you selling it for?
can answer also in DM if needed

yea shoot me a message, and i will explain what sellers are not good and which ones to go for

My red flag radars are going off for this thread. You make the post on an alt mp account and then a brand new mp account replies and it turns into a sales thread.

Heads up MP Social community, I am 99% sure this is a scam.


Classic, someone is trying to spread awareness and you guys call me a scam. This is exactly why this forum is full of scammers. As you can see it wasn’t even me who asked to go to a private chat

This sounds more like a sales thread than a community awareness thread

But if you did buy that much data much of it is likely old & obsolete
Typically only about 10-15% of pages have a public facing email
How do I know? I have built and am growing a database approaching 100m pages with full data
I provide samples like you ask(well not 100k, but usually 10-50k)
I have been on MPsocial for more than a day :wink:

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lol i know you probably won’t believe me, but i got no relation to this guy until now

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Lol, seems like you’re the one selling your worthless data. Anyway guys, be careful with all these scammers

I have been an active member of this board since 2017, pretty sure I am not the scammer

are you a verified seller?

Well, its your right to use an alt account but when you do that it depletes alot of trust.


well as you can see, I’m trying to spread awareness about scams in this forum, and people like @gtwomedia trying to promote his overpriced services, where i know that his data is bought not even scraped, and his trying to sell it to everyone. How desperate…anyways, i did my role, if no one wants to hear me out, just keep wasting your money with these scammers

Send me a list of 1000 pages of your choosing & I will scrape full data for them in less than 24h :wink:

Better yet let’s make a little wager

I bet you $1000
You send me a list of 100k pages & within 72h I will scrape full data for all of them & you can choose 100 usernames(from the 100k) & I will publically list full data for those 100 pages here in this thread AND I will post username & Bio for all 100k