Invite bot account's friends to your FB group

I was thinking about making a group, let’s say, about Online marketing and then have 10 bot accounts who add friends from different Online marketing related groups, so they can invite them to my Online marketing group.

But I was thinking of: Why would they accept a friend request from a person who they don’t even know?

Does somebody have any experience doing this before? What would the best strategy to get a big amount of people liking your page or joining your group?

You will need to make that account look as real as possible and make about 10 status about the niche you are adding people from so they see that you are interested in the same thing and make it look like you are some kind of expert but don’t over do it.

This way the acceptance rate will be higher.

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I am bot, can I be invited?

Thank you for the suggestion. I was thinking something similar.