Invite targeted people to like Facebook page

I searched on every FB marketing topic , but haven’t find this topic.
Is it possible to invite targeted people to like Facebook page, may be by username or user ID of that person.
Ex. - If any Facebook page have 100000 likes in your niche.You extract every member ID or usernames who like that page. Is it possible to invite those members to like facebook page.

I think if it is possible then page can grow rapidly because those members already love that niche.

Really appreciate your help.

The fastest way to do this is to send them a message and invite them to like your page or you can send them a friends request first, when they accept, you can then run the Invite tool (Invite Friends to Pages)

@mommyfats Great, but there is a limit of 5000 Facebook friends. Would you please tell me how we can use these targeted people in any other way without adding them as a friend.
Is there any way.

Not sure if you read this part, so here it is again