IP address in different countries

I assume this isn’t a problem seeing as I can’t find a thread on it?

For example my proxy will have an IP address in Ukraine, but when I manually use the app on my phone the IP is in a different country - so my account is active in 2 countries at the same time.

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So… what is your question ? :sweat_smile:

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no that’s no problem - many people here have it like that.


not an issue, more important is the type of proxy you have than the location

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I can also confirm that this isn’t an issue.

My regular location for both mobile and Jarvee is in the UK, but I went on holiday to Poland and uses mobile at the same time when Jarvee was active without any issue.

No problems whatsoever.

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Can someone explain to me how this isn’t an issue? Maybe I’m under educated on the topic. But I would of expected if my IP was logging on in USA and ASIA within the same hour. This is impossible behaviour for a human to achieve consistently.

PayPal and other websites will lock the account for safety reasons. Instagram won’t do it luckily

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I will give some examples;
-I live in the Netherlands. My home internet IP was in London for a long time. They corrected this, the location now even points to the right street. But for a long time it was wrong.
-Some years ago I noticed that when I use my Dutch simcard in Spain (roaming) my location was still the Netherlands. Somehow they route all the traffic first to my Dutch provider. Don’t know why.
-When I use a TMobile simcard in the Netherlands the location is very often Germany. Probably they do not have enough IP’s and give you something which is available at the moment.

The location of an IP is specified by the provider in a big database. They make mistakes, location can be something different. And when using mobile many other things can happen.


That answer is good enough for me… thanks :+1:

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This can be a disadvantage or advantage when scraping!

Each region has its own registration Europe has RIPE, i try to keep these together, all logins to that account are under RIPE. USA has ARIN.

Maybe i`m super fussy :slight_smile:

:rofl: I like your spreadsheet titles…

How are you currently scraping? And by scraping do you mean images or data (or both?)

off topic

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Sorry i meant searching not scraping :sunglasses:

The topic is heavy covered in the high levels :wink:

For just 2 IPs this won’t be an issue. Just like if 2 people were using the same business accounts.

Scraping I already do in mass, but I was just interested in your logic, whilst on topic.


Its was mainly around scraping and the IP location, one of the main examples is if you scrape football on a UK (Europe) IP you`ll get different results to scraping the same word on a US IP. All my scraping is done within Jarvee!?


Nice… JARVEE I don’t use

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I have another example of how ip vs location can be messed up (at least it looks like that).

I was backpacking through Kosovo around 8 yrs ago and every time I was close to a different military base, I got logged in to a different network from a different country (every base had their own cell tower with local to their country mobile provider). As my phone was in roaming, I was getting text messeges every other hour with “Welcome to :de: / :poland: /:netherlands: / :eu:” even thou I didn’t really moved much.

PayPal would send a Swat team together with Ghost busters after me, but social media didn’t give a :poop:


hasn’t been an issue for me so far.
however my locations are quite close though, proxy in Thailand with mobile running in Malaysia

Doing the same thing, haven’t got PV or anything else.