IP address with growing accounts

Okay I realize this may be a relatively stupid question but it’s the stupid ones that are the foundation of the more intelligent ones. So if you are going to have a bunch of accounts to grow your little page then the function of the proxy is to mimic multiple devices correct? So you don’t have to have 5 phones or 5 computers to do all your work for each account. Now I’m debating trying an experiment in all this because why not I’m smart and well I will at least learn. So to get to the point of all this so that I’m protecting my precious main account, is the IP address attached specifically to the device you are on be it a computer or modem. Or is it assigned to the modem/router. I just want to make sure if I screw up I have two computers so I will just do everything on one computer and then either grow my family or have us living out of the car. As long as my main the mother gets to keep surviving I can always make new children. So is that okay to do to just get the proxy work from one computer and all I risk is my money and the accounts and software expense?


If you are using proxies then the computer won’t be affected. The proxies hide the ip of the computer and use the proxys one.

The thing people stress about is having the slaves on the same proxy as they can link. This is why 4g proxies are great as they rotate ips.

If you keep the main account away from the slaves then it will be fine.

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Thanks that’s what I mean. If I never log in to instagram with main on this computer there is no risk right? The IP is just this computer I’m just thinking if somehow a proxy fails or something, obviously the proxy is supposed to protect the identity.

The proxy should not fail if you have the option ‘dont run without proxy’ enabled.

I run my personal ones on my chrome all the time. Never had issues. Jv won’t leak your actual ip if the proxy is on. So, don’t worry.

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Also, if your proxy fails it will never use another one, it gives you a proxy error, and then you need to check your proxy.

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