IP questions about Instagram

Hey guys.

Just wanted to post some feedback about what I’ve found so far.

I know we use proxy’s when we automate, however I haven’t had issues posting from my own mobile network and phone.

Nothing’s happened yet, but would you still use an IP while posting even if you aren’t using Jarvee for example?

Feedback is welcome. :slight_smile:

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I do not know if I understand you well :slight_smile:
If you do not use automation and you want to send messages from your mobile phone to the IG application.
You can do it without a proxy :slight_smile:


If you run under 5 accounts by your own mobile network -> Don’t need Proxies
If you run more than 5 accounts for a safety -> You need Proxies


Here is the right note :slight_smile:
5 accounts you can easily operate without a proxy, over 5 accounts, just like a colleague wrote :slight_smile:


Alright got you, after 5 I’ll just load my IP on google chrome and use it from there.

Try to invest to buy fresh and high-quality proxies if you don’t want your accounts to get block or ban.
Don’t use free proxies on the Internet.

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Thanks, I have a really good proxy good for 5-10 accounts.

I strongly disagree, as it’s not always the rule. While most of them work without any problem I have phones (after resetting them) and accounts that are blocked from doing manual actions via mobile app. I have 5 accounts per phone.

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Hello friend,
What kind of IP do you use?
Are you sure your IP is not flagged by IG?
I don’t say everything works 100% perfectly, It really depends on a lot of reasons bro
But Under 5 accounts, I am sure no need to buy proxies

I use iPhones with separate mobile plan for each.

Today Im buying new bag of phones, because Im little paranoid that Instagram may somehow have access to the IMEI or UUID and resetting them to mobile settings doesnt help

It’s always safer to use proxies, especially in light of recent events.

This being said I’ve managed more than 5 accounts from the same mobile device before by logging out and into different accounts without any issues.

Instagram understands that there are content creation agencies/freelancers who might need to manage the content creation of many accounts. As long as you’re only posting off the accounts in question (and aren’t abusing any other activity such as following and liking), it shouldn’t be a problem having 5+ accounts posting off the same device, provided it’s quality and well-thought-out content.


Before June block waves and recent updates I used to run 20 accounts/ phone following 720 people on each everyday until hitting the limit, now sometimes the fifth gets PV

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Okay… Let me share my experience regarding that:

  1. Clean IP / Clean datacenter proxy (not shared) - up to 5 accounts at the same time (you change them, like 5 accounts half a day, another 5 - another half of the day)

  2. Mobile proxy (LTE) - if it is clean - up to 10-15 accounts at the same time

  3. If IP is flagged either you use shared proxies - up to 2-3 accounts.

But in case IP is too damn flagged and “tooooo shared” - probably you wan’t be able to make a single action even using 1 account.

So the main idea is: better proxies (IPs) you use - more accounts will do more actions, stable working.

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I’m a noob to this topic, but humbly posting on here in hopes someone might be able to point me in the right direction. How do you load your IP on chrome? Does this mean I could just use my friends IP as one proxy for 1-3 scraper accounts and mine as another For 2-3 main accounts?

If so, would I just type the IP into the proxy manager settings?

Thank you in advance!!

4G+ Mobile Proxies :+1:


4G proxies, often called LTE/Mobile proxies are proxies that are created by using real SIM cards.

These proxies are the holy grail of proxies and I will explain why.

There are two types of IP protocols – IPv4 and IPv6, since IPv4 ran out of address IPv6 was introduced, however, since these are not compatible with each other IPv4 still is the only real used IP protocol and is a major shortage all around the world.

This led ISPs to use a technology called NAT (Network Address Translation), which basically means that a number of users can use the same IP address at a time, this happens mostly with mobile ISPs and not home ISPs and is great news for growing accounts.

Multiple people sharing the same IP address (up to thousands of people at once) means that the IP can never be blacklisted, imagine Instagram trying to ban your 4G IP – they will have to ban 10s-100s other legitimate users as well.

Furthermore, since 4G proxies are using NAT they are back connected and have a huge pull of unbannable IPs that you can rotate between in seconds just by logging in and out of the network, each time getting an unbannable different IP from your carrier.

This basically makes 4G proxies the ultimate proxies, as they can never ever be blacklisted, can be rotated indefinitely and since you share your IP with tens of thousands of people, they also produce massive amounts of real user traffic.

These are the best and only proxies you should use if you really care about your accounts.

Up to 5 accounts is okay, however, even then you should be careful, as Instagram might still flag you for using 3rd party apps. In this case all of your accounts would likely go down.
The magic formula is 1account per 1IP. For that you can use either residential or mobile proxies (these work better IMHO). There’s also a decent list of providers/tutorial especially for this here: https://proxyway.com/best/instagram-proxy

Good luck!

What’s a 3rd Party App in this case?
How those IG know I’m using a 3rd Party App?

A bot. I’m not exactly sure about the mechanics, but Instagram follows un-human like behaviour and “keeps a closer eye on it”.

Even tho it’s not technically against their ToS, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So long as you aren’t spamming the platform, you should be fine.

Don’t overthink it.

Proxies are certainly useful, however (from experiments) not worth the paranoia of the proxy rabbit hole (especially if you don’t plan on running a 100-1000 account network).

Find a set that’s solid enough to allow you to login, and do basic functions.

Once you have that you are set.

They don’t need to be mobile or residential. I use datacenter exclusively with success. But I’m also not spamming the platform :slight_smile:

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I think a common fallacy is finding a “good proxy”. A lot of people go down this road without looking at everything else.

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