Ip reputaion really matters! NO JOKE

I have a good experience with Instagram, even before start using MP :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to talk about reputation IP. I have been using 5 different IG accounts in 1 single niche ( with all precautions as different images, different urls etc ). I have them all in my Phone, working at 100%. What i do with them?

MP works 8 hours at day with no extra modules, only IG extra modules purchased on. So when MP works i connect on each on my IG accounts ( 15 min delay each other ) and post 2-3 images. I use ISP mobile phone ip provider ( imagines one, as Vodafone for example), so IG knows that ip is trusted ( they would be idiots if they take it as fake ip, or bad reputation ip they probably would have many problems out there ).

Meantime MP use my ISP ip ( Local City ISP ).

All ok? Let’s see. I use 5 IG accounts in, phone verificated in a single mobile phone. And i works with good IP reputatons.

So when people say “OH NO” “OMFG” why i’m banned!??? I can tell you one word REPUTATION.
Before do anything, look at your ip reputation on Internet, there are so many pages to look at. Don’t buy proxys in asia or eeuu, go buy a VPN in country as: italy, spain, portugal, germany, and moreover.

It really matters, trust me. Is no joke.

About phone verification, don’t be abussive, be patient, don’t try to verificate then at once. Put delay 4 - 7 days and IG won’t say nothing.

Hope this helps to someone.


Nice share @Salem , so here’s a good example of someone using more than the recommended 3 accounts per ip successfully because he takes precautions and don’t use the same url. Interesting they’re in the same niche and still good to go, congratz for that btw :slight_smile:

Hi, gret post.

I use a VPN from my Homecountry, its perfect for all my sharing with the mobile network who is in the same country IP.
For travel i can easy edit the VPN Country and it is good for all the free wifi hotspot and good for the account, in the same country IP.

What’s a good tool for checking IP reputation?

There are plenty when you Google it, but wanted to know if anyone has one that they trust more than the others. Thanks!