IP subnet % presence

I imagine on normal (residential) ip subnets, something like 0-5% of ips are being active on x social platform(ig,fb,pin…) in 24-48h timespan.

But for our purposes(proxies) there is usually ~ 10-100% subnet presence… Isn’t this alone a dead giveaway?

Not saying that this is enough to get banned, but sites are probably detecting it and incrementing account spam score by a lot just from this.

Am I wrong? Anyone knows more about this?

Don’t do it then :slight_smile:
You already know they can do that but would they? Only they and some testers will know.
If you still want to risk then try to simulate a busy internet cafe / restaurant with Wi-Fi things like that.
Just watch out when you do this on Facebook as they are so obsessed with catching unnatural users on their platform