Ipv6 proxies is dead on IG marketing?

i run all of my IG accounts base on ipv6 proxies . now i get email verify request again and again when follow and like. is the ipv6 the problem? i just follow 10 when warm up these accounts

Maybe just like blocks are the issue, you could try running with that off.
What are the proxies?

Where did you get the proxies? IPV6 is not the issue. It’s the supplier.


i got the proxies from two supplier. all of the same issue. one is proexy6 and one is a IDC which i setup v6 proxies myself

If you have good accs - and do some tricks… ipv6 works great.

btw this is only way to run +1000 accounts because ipv6 cost very low. Of course need to know where to buy.

What kind of tricks?

Could you share with us what kind of tricks we can use to not get PVA 5 times per day?

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Actually im using ipv6 proxy only for scraping.
For the actions - residential proxy or mobile proxy

I have tried Ipv6 but Actions Like/comment dont work. Maybe because accounts to small…

u need to warmup them slowly

With the same proxy or with my home Ip? What settings you use to warmup? 2-4 posts per week?