Is adding followers with hashtags worth it?

I’ve read that they are less quality than followed followers (that we targetly added for engaging with content).
How less quilted they are (do they convert)? And is it even worth the hassle?

i tried targetting using hashtags because people generally don’t use hashtags well, they just add them for the sake of adding.

Targetting followers of niche accounts are better

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Everyone is getting better results following the followers of good targeted accounts, They are better than following using hashtags but you can give hashtags a try as well and compare the results you get from both.

I agree with what @Said and @lance.hongkong said…while you can still target hashtags as there might be few good ones there, give it less selection rank or priority…try to focus more on those who interact with posts of target accounts

Here is my view :slight_smile:

Drink a cup of coffee, sit back, and read some logical theories.

###Gaining Followers By Following/Un-following
I agree that the followers you follow do have a better conversion rate, and your followers are more targeted. However what you also need to consider is the some (i believe around 60%) will simply follow your account because you followed them. This means that they will only help you if you help them. This means that they are less likely to be engaging on your account UNLESS you engage on their account. As we all know engagement is the MOST important aspect to the fastest growth of your Instagram account, and also increases your exposure rate.

###Gaining Followers From Quality Hashtags
Although these followers do not fit completely into your requirements for targeting, they do still have a genuine interest in your niche (if you are using hashtags that are accurate to your niche). In addition these followers choose to follow you based on your content, NOT based on the give me something, and I will give you something back concept. This means that these users are MORE likely to engage with your content since they are not asking for anything in return (liking their content). These followers are important for increasing your engagement rate which will help your account grow much faster, along with increasing your exposure rate.

###Bottom Line
Both are great. By using both methods you get 2 types of followers on your account. The perfectly targeted followers that are likely to convert, and the rest who love your content, and will engage with your posts often. One makes you more money, while the other grows your account faster gaining more authority which will increase your sales in the long run organically.

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Love how you simplified it there Brandon :slight_smile: You have a way of explaining things so well. Thank u buddy!