Is anybody able to get auto comments out via J?

im looking to start using J , is comment working perfectly?

I second this question.

Yes, working good. I don’t use it right now, but many actually do :smiley:

Test it !


thank you do you have suggested settings, im new to J

Of course it’s possible and the comments work great

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Yes 100%.

Make sure to spin at least 200+ comments so these are very unique!

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I don’t use comments, but when i did i was spinning with a trillion spintax.

It was something like millions of millions possibilities,

200 is very low, be carefull !


do you use a spintax tool? i wouldnt understand how to spin so much lol

No, be patient, creative and add new words everytime :slight_smile:

thank you im in the process of setting up my first account on J :slight_smile:


quick question, sorry… is it best to use api or eb for comments?

I really don’t know as i did not test out comments lastly, i would siggest you to start out with API, and if not good switch it up :slight_smile:

with J its saying my comments are posting, i look at the photo on my phone and there is no comment, does anybody know how to fix this? the account isnt action blocked

It’s shadowbanned. Lots or causes: bad proxy, bad spintax, low trustscore,…

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thanks il try a different account :slight_smile:

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