Is anyone able to create new accounts

Last 48 hours people reporting they haven’t been able to sign up. Is this a bug? How many of you can create a new account right now.?

Yesterday i had 100% succes rate of creating accounts but today 50% succes rate…

I think you use one IP to register

I had this problem for 3 days, going to try now again.

Still having the problem

Try Tor browser to create accounts. Don’t even try using your phone lol

Yes, problem is you use the same up to create more than one account. New algorithm?

I can create multiple account using same IP, morelike device id and fingerprint

I tried using my wifes phone when on vacation in different country, still not able to create a new account.

Ok, managed to create it. It’s a glitch related to the email. You have to create it with a phone number and not with the email.

No, it’s not a glitch. Creating with phone number is possible even if you have countless footprints and low quality proxy - I don’t even know how you’d fail that.
Creating with email is possible, it’s just that Instagram now started looking at one extra thing - there’s no glitch… If someone, or software he’s using, cannot make accounts with emails, it just means that there always been a footprint with that creation method and Instagram just allowed it to happen for some stupid reason.

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me also i cant create single account

Can not register the new account either, anyone success?

One way is to create them and then appeal for reactivation if they get disabled upon registration (you can use Recap if you don’t wanna bother doing it manually)

My accounts get disabled before even signing them up. The moment I click on sign up I receive an error message and the account is disabled due to violating the terms :roll_eyes:
Tor browser doesn’t work either because apparently Instagram either requires a few cookies to approve no spam accounts or they simply detect tor browsers and don’t allow any registration using this browser

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That is a terrible idea to begin with.

Higher success rates:

  • Phone instead of email for signup.
  • Virgin proxies.
  • Do not copy/paste into email/pass/user etc.
  • Randomize fingerprints after creation.
  • Use quality emails (@gmail/@yahoo)
  • Name, email correlation. Similar names.
  • Proxy + Email match (, russian proxy)
  • Fill form slowly.

Yes. 200 new accounts today. :+1:

you use some bots for creation or regular browsers ?

Don’t worry, it appears Instagram reverted the change 2 days ago.

If you’ll read on various marketing forums, you will find some misinformation about it being a glitch - it wasn’t.
Instagram made a small change 3 weeks ago and started checking one additional thing. The thing is, some real users were affected too so they had to revert it… If you, your bot or someone who makes accounts for you was not able to create accounts at all, this means their accounts leave that footprint. And while it is not a problem again (you can make the accounts), these are still accounts with those footprints.