Is anyone able to get in contact with influencers?

Hello, maybe someone of you guys have the knowledge how to get in contact with influencers? In my case it would be fitness influencers. Let me know please. Thank you!

hi there. In my experience it is very simple.
I just reached out to them on DM or via e-mail exposing my projects and needs and then we started a conversation about it.
I worked with many high end photograpers and automotive influencers and it was very easy though.


A friend of mine (who has a gym) manage to contact several influencers in our country. He does it manually and his account has a lot of business-related posts (just by checking his account, you know he runs a gym).

He does the research and outreach manually through DMs. And sometimes he does also follow-ups if the first DM goes unanswered.

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Make sure the account you use to get in contact with influencers has proper social proof. Even if it might cost a bit to make your account more legit (comments, post likes and followers), it is worth it in the long run. People just might not take you serious otherwise.


I agree with @eddie342 - DM is best way. Make it super short (influencers are very busy ppl (and dogs) and tell them you want to hire them (vs “outreach” bs).

Tip: See if they love what you do , otherwise it will show.