Is anyone here running an Instagram agency without Jarvee?

If so, how are you doing it? I’m very intrigued by the current situation with Jarvee and Automation on Instagram and I want to see if there is truly a way of running a successful agency without automation

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Alot of people I know in here are working on manual actions and not using any kind of automation. Definitely all of them are running their agency successfully.

Yes, we do manual growth, but we still scrape with jarvee.

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Could you explain in this more detail please?

We do actions e.g. Follow Like Unfollow etc. On a real phone with a real simcard with mobile data. Everything is done like a real user would do it and nothing is emulated, hidden or spoofed.

Oh right, thanks.

What is scraping? Also, does that mean you pay monthly for each sim?

Scraping = Research and filter a list of usernames to follow

Yes we have to pay for the sims.

I really appreciate your replies!

Is it 1 Instagram account per sim? Does it work out cheaper than buying a mobile proxy?

  • ~1-2 accounts per sim.
  • Depends on your contract with your isp. But real sims are always better than using a proxy on your phone imo.

What type of account do you scrape with? do you have to have a following/post etc on the scraper account?

If you’re running campaigns on behalf of businesses, ads are an awesome way to drive immediate value. Of course they will need an appropriate landing page, but that’s something that can be part of the package.

There are lots of non-automated ways to drive value, though. Manual hashtag/location engagement, etc. Just think about the type of client you want to work with and what a successful campaign might look like to them, then work back to see what you would need to do to achieve those KPIs.

If the work load aligns with what you want to charge (and what someone is willing to pay), you just need to worry about the client acquisition side (much more difficult than the work itself).

So if the actions are done using the actual Instagram App by your team/assistant, and if the actual client also uses the app simultaneously on their own phone from a different location/IP, in’t there a risk of a block/ban or something on that account?