Is anyone making any money with Tik Tok CURRENTLY

Pretty self-explanatory title.

Is there anyone actually making money CURRENTLY, right now, at the moment, with Tik Tok or are people just trying to build pages now?

Would be interested in hearing actual numbers instead of trying to guess how much some influencer kids are making. Right now all the talk seems to be on jumping from IG to Tik Tok and growing as fast as possible but if there’s no way to monetize the audience I think I’ll be waiting a little before jumping in.


Interested to hear this as well :+1:


there will always be new ways to monetize in the future and will be harder to build audience then but you can build audience now and sit on the pages for a little until something interesting comes up


Paging @customlogovideos

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I would happily share far more info in a lvl3 access of tiktok. If any of the admins wants to establish that.

Sorry, similar to IG, I’m not looking to share a bunch of insights, then have some kid make a YouTube video, and ruin it for all of us lol


At least we’d knew who shareed it :laughing:

Appreciate the responses, so far it seems that there is only one person here making money with Tik Tok

Can’t argue with that lol, need to level up

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I want to find out more too :slight_smile:

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