Is anyone running more than 50 accounts and NOT experiencing the “Permanent" Follow Block?


I’m seeing some “PERMANENT FOLLOW BLOCK! THE END IS NEAR!” threads between here and other internet marketing communities. I think the problem with that is that it just attracts people who are already experiencing the issue, whereas people who are not experiencing the issue just ignore the thread because they don’t really have anything to comment about on the issue.

Is anyone seeing these follow block threads and thinking “what? Yeah, I don’t know what that is about…”? Asking just people with over 50 accounts (since it seems to affect a 1-5% of accounts).

Or is literally everyone is experiencing this regardless of settings?


Running more than 80 and around 10% experience follow blocks few hours.


I’m not having the issue.

What are your follow settings like?


How many accounts are you running?

Im running 298 Accounts, all from clients, and i have 11 accounts affected, im around 4% of blocked accounts.


Im running thousands of accounts, all client accounts. I have about 3% majority on the 9th of May, these accounts some have done 1 or 3 more follows around 4 days later. But for the most part can not resume activity. Changed proxies, reset device ID, rested 5 days, nothing. I have noted a hashtag ban now lasts for 2 weeks, maybe a follow ban is going to be the same.


I run roughly 4k accounts and adding more daily, no issues here.


If someone is running 4k accounts and having no long term followblocks at all, then clearly the rest of us are fucking up somehow. This is good to know, because that actually means there’s hope.


Important to note that I don’t keep track of every single account every day myself. I have a team for this so not everything is brought to my attention. But definitely nothing major going on over here.

But yeah, definitely possible. And I know people running a lot more so the sky is the limit :slight_smile:


Are you using scrapping accounts? I would love to see your Follow Settings :slight_smile:

If you dont want to share them… how many daily Follow/Unfollows are you doing? Any advice is appreciated.


I don’t use scraping accounts. I don’t know my follow settings and I never thought/think that it matters as long as you don’t go completely crazy.

Follow/unfollows are 600 each per day :slight_smile: cheers


Oh yeah quick note: I did notice a follow block on 2 client accounts but they went away after 2 days. Was pretty strange never had that in the past months so maybe something was going on with IG again as usual :wink: it always calms down


Last thing and sorry if i bother you with the question, are you using Mobile Proxys in all acounts?


No, only for clients


These are my issues:

  • action block = 5 - 10%
  • multiple scraping issues that causes accounts to not follow or hit the daily limit. (invalid sources even though source is fine, some weird proxy error even though proxy is working fine and can login and do actions on embedded browser, etc…)

my main problem is scraping, when i have 500 accs the bot starting to get so much issues with scraping.

I just ignore the action blocks, they are only 5% ~ 10% it would be nice to have 99% full-running without issues, but it’s not a big deal for me if some are blocked.


75 Accounts, no issues for now :slight_smile:


Are you doing m/s method on client accounts?


Wtf this sounds mental


I am glad someone else agrees with me on this. I saw that and here I’m thinking “Oh shit, well, I guess it ?might? be normal on this forum?” lol


Around 100 accounts, no follow blocks…yet. I don’t do more than 300 follows / unfollows per day (most accounts doing around 200 F/UF). Each account takes at least a 6 hour break every day. Software reboots every 8 hours. Mobile and residential proxies. Mixing in Likes and Comment Likes along with F/UF.


running 100 accounts , getting heavy follow blocks like 40% of my accounts are affected .