Is anyone still doing cpa and instagram?

hello im new here and my question is anyone doing cpa and instagram ?
after reading on forum i registred at adworkmedia because i have seen it is good network.
But not for me … after following alot of people i only get 1 conversation and only 10 clicks and i dont understand how people making money with this
And yes my targeting is ok i follow in exact same niche and country and i dont get anything ?? Should i do something else or what ? i understand that getting 1$ per account is allready good but i get 1$ after 15 days so i dont know what should i do ? i promote one of offer from adnan topic where he revealed good niches and i tried all of them… and i see people still making money from old niche like free followers ??? HOW ?

Sorry for newbie questions but i cant seem to see why is this not working ?

now account set to cooking and grocery 250$ giveaway and not working at all…

I can’t really help you with that. @Adnan completely spoon fed you with his topic. If you’re still not able to make any money I guess you should just read, read, read on this forum. Personally, I’m using OGAds as my network and it’s still working great for me!

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omg stop with this spoon feed bullshiet , what’s the point of that if it is not working and i’m completely following that ‘spoon feding’ … wtfk you mean

What he means to say is that you should read the topic posted and continue trying, and continue reading and researching, as there is no one perfect solution for every person or niche - and there are already multiple topics discussing it, some are very well structured and detailed. With time and patience you can make these methods work.

Also, venting your frustrations and then criticizing someone for giving you simple advice is not going to end well.


It is working and people are still making $XXX+ a day you are just doing it wrong.

So you said you made $1 every 15 days so know it does work.

  • Look through your sources and any bad ones get rid of, keep testing more and more.

  • Check that your sites are loading up quick enough and that the CPA is actually loading.

  • Test out different offers

  • Make sure your accounts are decent and don’t look like a spammy bot account.

  • Set up the repost tool with some relevant accounts, make sure the bio and profile picture also look good.

@Adnan 's method gives you information on how he does it and how it works, he is not going to include * How to increase engagement rate get more targeted followers etc because their are already threads on how to do that, + This is not
Spoon Feed Social . Com

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Wish i could help you but im currently in the same boat. Proly gonna try @YungBuck advice as i havent tried repost tool because i never thought thats neccessary with cpa.

@ian dont point people to these threads , theyre outdated following 800 to 1000 ppl what is stated there will kill accounts that are not as old as like 2 years in first day.

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Maybe we should convince @adnan to write an updated guide if they are? I don’t do CPA so a few month old topic may be old hat. I guess it is?

I’ll tell you one thing: Settings and what you do with those accounts is important, but the most important is to get the best sources!
I, for example, managed to get $1/account in a niche where I managed to target exactly the people interested in my offer. Furthermore, those people have never heard of what I was providing them so they were saturated to 0%!
$1/day is already profitable, but after changing settings + figuring out what BIO converts the best, how to set up my landing pages, hell even what to write in lockers my accounts were generating me even more revenue!
The most import thing you have to do is to tinker with your settings, tinker with everything!
Some things you can tinker on:

Follow Sources
Profile Pic
Content Locker
Other tools (When DM tool was working for me it boosted my CVR up to 50%!!!)
Follow settings - e.g follower/following range, number of characters in BIO, what they should have in their BIO, what they mustn’t have in their BIO, profile pic etc.! Massplanner provides you with so many great tools to follow only the best users for your offers!

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The method and ideas are fine people just struggle and are to scared to adapt and make small changes.

The only thing what may need changing IMO is the follow settings and that’s only because things have changed on IG’s side.

^ I know you said you’re​ unsure if it needs updating, this post ^ wasn’t directed at you and more at the people getting upset/moaning about the method :slight_smile:

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I think it only needs slight modification but it would be a great idea to rewrite them maybe adding more details , would be awsome , i personally would read that for sure. Ofc if one takes time to read all the comments below it will be stated that IG changed and you cant go for 150 dms and 1000 follows per day but rarely someone’s going to read all that below. But adnan’s probbably too busy :smiley: … anyways , i do agree :smiley:

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@Gernozarus see , ogads lockers are complete different story , you cant rly get creative with cpa + direct offer too much , atleast what i’m trying to do right now. But MAYBE , personally i hate lockers , ofc it’s never too late to try it but i do HATE them , i think ogads should go well with kids but i just don’t like the fact that someone is going to see “Locked” maybe because even before i’ve heard of IM and all that i’ve not even once fallen to the scam and that’s why i think it can’t do better then direct cpa , so might just be my personal expierince forbidding me to even try these. Or maybe i’m just lack of creativity on these , but currently do feel very lost on these , dont even know what to do next huh.

@ian as for following i don’t rly seem to think of what could possibly be better , for i.e i’m now using beauty/makeup that did very well on FB back in the day and follower sources are makeup stores located in U.S and beauty saloons. So country targeting is point on and niche in my personal oppinion is also targeted well. My guess is 1. Im not getting enough traffic 2. Landing page loading slow , it kind of does sometimes 3. MOST LIKELY , shitty offer :smiley: as i cant seem to find any semi good offers in the networks that are “easy to register”

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