Is anyone using Apphi?

I do love the app and that you can directly posts automatically but I’ve been told it’s not the safest platform? Is this true?

Also, in terms of pricing, I can only use 1 Instagram account for £16 a month and I want to use more but the cost of that is £37 a month which is crazy. Anyone got a better solution which is more cost-effective but still has the ability to post videos/carousels and still allows me to have more than 3+ accounts?

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How about the tool that everyone here talks about:


I don’t want to get banned

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If it’s just for posting, Have you tried Facebook Creator Studio? Plus it’s free…

Also. For an all round Instagram tool, Jarvee, as mentioned above, is excellent


Thanks, how would Jarvee work for Mac?

Facebook creator studio is great, and it’s free!

The only setback I’ve gotten as an agency for scheduling posts on FB creator studio/partner approved scheduled software is that you can’t auto post carousel posts or stories, which can be annoying in some circumstances.

You’d need to either use a virtual machine within your mac, or purchased a windows VPS which is essentially a remote computer running 24/7 that you can connect to and control from your Mac.

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thanks, VPS looks too expensive, going to go with FB Creator Studio!

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@LaurenceM What? For personal use of accounts I own, the carousel scheduling+publishing works for me.

Are you saying for partner accounts they don’t?

Oh wow wasn’t aware of that. Was it a recent update or has it been around for a while?

Yeah Later doesn’t currently have that feature.

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It’s been around for a while in Creator studio… Also for scheduling publishing videos & IGTV too. Play around with it.

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Oh awesome, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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It’s pretty safe, but it isn’t IG approved because of some of the “reposting” features. Instagram doesn’t just ban accounts that automate posting though. People got lives lol. They know that…

The app Apphi is solid man.

Their mobile platform is the best I’ve personally used and the bulk upload/schedule feature is super convenient. It’s the best for people who are reposting IMO though because you can just search usernames, click their post, then edit the caption and it’s scheduled.

Of course, going with Jarvee is the way to go in order to make posting even more hands off but you’ll have no problems with Apphi (used app for over a year).


I’ll be honest, I love Apphi but it’s just too gah damn expensive!