Is anyone using Audience Restriction when posting a video?

Hi guys, I wonder if using Audience Restriction will boost engagement, basically will it have a positive or negative impact? I want to promote a video for a brand that sells in US, and by limiting the traffic to US,I wonder if it’s a good or bad thing.
Any contribution to this scarce subject will be much appreciated.

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if you want to advertise in us, first run ads in country’s like india or basically and 3rd tier country,

once you gain enough engagement then publish it to us that way the cost per view will go down.

also build a costume Audience with people who engage with your video last 180 days.

install pixel to remarket.

Hi @Xdamir I appreciate your answer. My concern today is only with organic traffic. When you post a video on Facebook there is this sign the little target sign that lets you Restrict the Audience.

Will this be of any good?

yes it only show to the targeted audience

It is said that it can make a better engagement. I will test it out.

I used the method once and I have the same sort of reach and engagement as with the other posts. I think it’s useful. I will test it further and see what happens

Sure let me know the results.

I manage an international page for a client with followers from multiple geographies and here are my findings:

  1. Audience restrictions usually decrease my post reach.
  2. If your page has a lot of followers in the location you’re targeting and your audience in general engages well with your content, it’s just more worthwhile to time your post according to when your audience is online rather than restrict your audience.

If you notice your engagement is low, you can actually try the “Preferred Audience” setting. I’ve got mixed responses to this. On one page, it increased engagement by 1.5-2x for a short while, but on a couple of others there were little or no concrete changes. I ran a few tests changing the interest group targeting (broad/medium/narrow), but no conclusive evidence to support anything. No harm in trying though, right?

If you do end up experimenting with the features, tell us how they go and what worked! Cheers!

EDIT: All the pages I handle are brand pages, so there could be marked differences if your content is from, say, a meme page.

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Hi @lazerlight

This is a good insight. I am still testing this method. It’s just difficult to run a good test because I manage a brand page and sometimes we run promotions and it will take longer to test. I will try to post the same sort of content at the same time, same day of the week, one w/ Preferred Audience and another without. I will post the results.

Many people don’t know that in the Preferred Audience you can choose Any FB Business Page you want, it’s not just the generic categories.