Is anyone using Hide My Numbers?

I’ve seen Hide My Numbers mentioned on a few forums, including here. Not to mention that MP integrates with them via API.

My question is this: when you sign up with them, they only give you Chinese numbers, is this what everyone is using or there is a way to get access to US numbers as well?

I think they have Chinese numbers only. Maybe I’m wrong, but just to be sure, contact their support.

So what you guys integrate is with Chinese numbers?

We integrated their service, it’s their decision what numbers they’ll use and decision of our clients will they use their service or not.

Buying real sim cards is the best option, but they’re not that affordable everywhere.

When are you going to start selling your magic Bosnian sims :wink: ?

You already have them on the forum :slight_smile:

Where? Have I missed them?

Here, there’s a discount atm: