Is cold email legal?

Hey guys! Is cold email legal if doing B2B in Europe? Or is it legal if doing for USA market by applying all CAN-SPAM rules?

Maybe someone of you have experience doing cold emailing 100% legally?

Let me know!

In the US, it’s legal to send unsolicited emails to commercial recipients when adhering to the CAN-SPAM act.
The EU makes you adhere to PECD and GDPR, but each member state has its law based on those. So it might be acceptable to mail a Polish company by EU and Polish law, but illegal to mail an Italian company.

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Well, I dont think mailing any company is illegal anywhere, how are you supposed to run business if no one can contact you?
Currently I’m DMing people for collaborations to represent my company and share products on their profiles. What is the difference between an influencer and regular person, if I decide that this particular regular person is a perfect fit to represent my company and his following and social trust is enough to be profitable for me? It can’t be illegal if they are „public figures” with public following.

An unsolicited commercial email (or any communication for that matter, such as a cold call) is SPAM unless you adhere to the local laws (such as the country law + EU laws) or the US CAN-SPAM

Thanks schoko for elaborating this. There have been many similar questions regarding this matter and this kind of explanation was really needed.