Is cold email marketing risky (illegal)?

Hey Guys,

I’m planning to scrape emails from certain niches on Instagram via hashtags.

Have you had much experience performing cold email marketing (technically spam) at scale?

Each country has its own rules on cold email, with many imposing large fines if people are caught doing it. Is it easy to get away with?

Yes it is spam and illegal you shoudnt email anyone without consent, but still many people and companies do it and without consequences… It depends a lot on volume and if people report it as spam. Most of them just ignore or delete.

Till the time you do things being underground,no one gives a shit actually.

For an example,Residential Proxy providers use botnets to harvest Ip’s which is illegal unless you have officially declared it like Luminati has,rest all of them know that it is illegal and still they do it but they make sure that they hide their real identity.

Whatever you do,just make sure you stay underground that is it.

Any tips on staying underground :joy:

Trust me you aren’t ready yet.

Yes, why do you think he’s on here trying to find out?

Oh God,I know it and don’t worry I will reply him accordingly.

First of all get an offshore hosting for your business,whatever cold email setup you will be using and for that don’t put your real details and pay by a method which doesn’t reveal where are you from.

While paying,do it through a proxy with a software Proxifier or Proxy Switcher anything or use a vpn,just make sure your Ip address should not be revealed.

Just make sure whatever you do online or whatever payments you make,that should not reveal your real identity that’s it.