Is cold emailing illegal?

Hello everyone, I am new here, so I hope some more experienced will be able to help me. I’ve recently started an Instagram growth agency and I have a question. Is cold emailing illegal? Is it legal to contact somebody from Instagram (through) email (providing them value first) and then trying to schedule a call?

It depends on your country.

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Is it being done in a malicious way?

If you’re in europe + contact european clients, I think you should abide by the latest RGDP law.

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its illegal in switzerland

Legal? Depends where you’re from. A good Marketing strategy in 2019? Probably not.

If you’re going to be sending cold emails please make sure it adheres to any guidelines in your country, I don’t see your location on your profile so it’s a google away for you.

Thank you for all the comments, I am from the Poland, Europe.

No one will bother, just send them…

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You are not even allowed to store their e mail adresses without permission in European Union.


It fact it’s the other way around, it depends where that person is located, not you.

In Poland you have that RODO thing which is basically GDPR variant, not abiding its rules may cost you up to 3% of your annual revenue penalty.

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Could you elaborate?

My understanding is you need to Tailor your compliance to where your business is located and runs out of - Me being based in Australia wouldn’t mean I have to comply to GDPR if someone from the EU decides to use our services as the majority of our work, advertising and business is conducted over here, Given I would make a best attempt at following their guidelines but I wouldn’t need to comply to them right?

Who cares if it’s illegal

Yes for some country. But in IM who really cares?

Depends on your laws in Australia…for example in Canada there are regulations the revolve around how I communicate with Canadian businesses but there are clauses in the law that mandates I also comply with the local laws of the business I’m communicating with. I believe this only opens me up to real civil concerns if I upset the communications authority in a country (meaning if I pissed off Germany, Germany’s communications agency could come after me and Canada would feed me to the wolves…but if I pissed off random German company, while they could get a defacto judgement against me in their country it would not be enforceable)

Exactly hahah

Illegal in Germany and most of Europe