Is everyone only using Jarvee on here? no igerslike?

Hey guys sorry for the repeat post im sure someone has asked this before but ive been with igerslike for a very long time then took a break and now decided to re enter the game it seems like everyone is using jarvee i have no experience with them but whats your input which one is better and why ? thanks yall

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jarvee gives experienced automaters more options for finding golden settings. Using another provider you’re susceptible to them messing up.

hmm interesting , will need to look into it thanks

I have an account with IGerslike, but surprised to hear that name around here. They are an IG bot from the OG days 2015/2016. They had a pretty cool cloud based bot, but they recently upgraded it (and I have not tried). I believe their registraion is closed, but imo Jarvee is a far far better bot and I don’t think their cloud bot has an embedded browser either.

ya igers has changed alot from those days lol now they have a timebank and they dont do the account slots method but im defi interested in checking out Jarvee and explore my options

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Would def recommend you check out Jarvee. It’s one of the only bots that are still alive because of the Embedded Browser

Igerslike used to be everything. An all in one solution/panel. On their website you could do cloudbased automation and it was also an smm panel. Back in the days it use to be “high end” automation, as it was more expensive than the other competitors and they had some extra features the rest didn’t have.

I don’t know how they are today. But by all mean I will still go with J. Not only because of the features and an actual support team behind it, but also the extreme advantage you’ll have on this forum. 95% of people on here are on J. Exchanging ideas and solutions is “KING”

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