Is facebook ads traffic safe for my adsense account?

i just want to ask if get traffic from facebook ads is it getting my adsense account banned ? or its safe ?

It is safe as long as your website complies with Adsense rules. But it is not that easy to earn more than what you are going to lose in ads.

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It’s definitely safe, but yeah, as @Said mentioned, unless you really know what you’re doing concerning Fb ads you might end up paying a lot more on ads than what you get from adsense.

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@Said @Johnny Thanks guys a lot

You are welcome @Zeema

If you are really going to give it a try, I highly suggest spending more time learning Facebook ads. It is the most important thing to succeed in this kind of projects.

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@Said yes i will thanks Said for the advice :slight_smile:

same oppinion , you have to be a pro to actually make anything out of that , but well … i wish u goodluck.

It is safe but not worth it unless you can write VIRAL content.