Is Facebook ghost banning me?

Hey everyone.

I am having the feeling that for the last couple of weeks FB is limiting the exposure to my post, and I wonder if it’s only me. Here is what I do:
I have 15 accounts that I do manual posting from, and another 15 that I use a bot. I have residential proxies, old accounts, real friends, etc. etc.

Manually, I post between 100 - 250 posts in groups per day, all unique content all unique photos. That would result in 1800-ish clicks on average. Last couple of weeks they are almost 2 times less!

I am getting no more accounts blocked than usual, no more of my post are being disapproved than before, the only change is in the visibility and the engagement the posts get.

Please, tell me I am not the only one!

Probably some sort of shadowban. I would personally never go over 20-30 posts per account but if you claim it worked with that many posts for you then I am not sure. I would stop posting for a couple of days and then see what happens when you start posting again.

could be that those groups themselves got low engagement hence your posts as well, and it could be some kind of shadow ban as well, I personally did no get that, did you change anything on your posting quality or type?

I never experience shadowban on FB. Do you use proxies too when you post manually? I don’t know how you monitor that many posts, I’m thinking maybe FB or the admin of the groups delete your posts.

Hi I find now I can post the same post with or without a link and the one without the link gets engagement and the one with a link gets 0 engagement. Do you have links pointing out of Facebook?

Hey there, you used same link over and over? I mean, same domain? @islandman1010 and @Ivvy

the domain yes but not the link - I would use campaign URL builder to edit the rest of the URL :open_mouth:

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100-250 posts/day imho is a lot, given how social media algorithms are changing and they’re easily detecting bot activity. I’d reduce the post frequency if I were you. Also curious, these residential proxies, are they static?

Static residential proxies combine the good qualities of data center proxies and residential proxies while eliminating the weaknesses and they have a High Level of Anonymity

Post banners, length, the type we change every day. The only thing that stays the same is the root domain, but that I cannot avoid unfortunately

Deffinetly not deleted by the admin, because the posts are live, they just don’t get the same visabillity

hm… I am not sure about the proxies. Do you know a good supplier? Maybe I try new ones

yes, I was thinking of buying different domains and redirecting them to the landing, but I don’t know if it is worth the effort

FB’s crawlers follow the links from the lander, if any are banned FB will ban the main domain! If the products are on a banned domain and you can`t move the whole product to another fresh domain, try building a mailing list from your landers!

did you try other groups, new ones that you have never posted on?

Yes. I do constantly entering new ones.
I am starting to question if there are maybe not any more groups in my niche, which is broad …

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you can use JV to scrape all existing groups in your niche, did you try that?

Yes, I do both JV and manual

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